Work In Progress / 18 June 2020

2nd gun from the PMS series, this time a shotgun, high poly almost done.




News / 18 June 2020

First gun and knife from a series of weapons is now for sale, stay tuned for more guns soon.

Check it out here:


Work In Progress / 03 June 2020

Long time no see guys, but here I am, starting with a new project.

PM S KG19, 9x19 mm pistol. High Poly is done, next low poly + textures. More wips and more guns soon.







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News / 28 June 2018

Hi guys,

I just uploaded some game ready PBR weapons on the ArtStation Store and you can check them out here MARKETPLACE


COM RS8 Pistol WIP 8,9,10 Final high poly.

Work In Progress / 27 February 2018

Ok guys, I`m done with the high poly, next low + bakes

COM RS8 Pistol WIP 5,6,7

Work In Progress / 27 February 2018

Hey guys!

Pretty much done with the high poly for this pistol, the only thing is missing is the silencer, going to model that now.

COM RS8 Pistol WIP 1,2,3,4 :)

Work In Progress / 26 February 2018

Started up a new weapon, this time a pistol.

Here are some wip screens, still need to add some details.

SynTax P40 - WIP5

Work In Progress / 12 February 2018

Low poly + bake are done, next texturing :)

SynTax P40 - WIP4

Work In Progress / 08 February 2018

Started making the low and jumped fast in Substance Painter to test some of my materials. 

- Grip material with fine dirt.

- More details will be added later

SynTax P40 - WIP3

Work In Progress / 07 February 2018

High poly for this weapon is done, I`ll start making the low/bake and textures. Stay tuned for more:>

- Added charging handle, right side belt, some more details and reworked the grip completely.