Triple A Guns Mega Sale - 30% OFF up to 45%

News / 20 May 2021

Hi guys, If in need for some weapons for your project, a mega sale just started on Artstation.

  • Get 30% off on my store during the May Mega Sale on the ArtStation Marketplace from May 20 - May 26!
  • Another 5% off if you buy 2 products or 15% if 3 or more products in the same order.
  • Check Store 

Weapons Showcase

News / 22 April 2021

PMS Guns Series

  • I had fun modeling, texturing these guns and learned a lot about gun creation and how they work.
  • So with that being said, I decided to showcase all the weapons in Unreal Engine 4 where I learned to use the sequencer and a bit of UE4.
  • If you are a DEV and looking for some weapons for your game check out my store: Promesh Studio or Artstation.

Thanks to everyone for the support and I hope you like the showcase.

Artstation Spring Sale - Weapons

News / 16 April 2021

Artstation Spring Sale

Thank you!

Gun Smart Materials Pack

News / 06 April 2021

Gun Smart Materials Pack

My first Substance Painter Material pack, check it out here:

This pack contains 5 smart materials for Substance Painter. 3 of them were used in PMS Series which can be seen here:

Technical Details:

  • 1 clean base Metal material with surface details
  • 1 clean base Polymer material with surface details
  • 1 clean base Polymer Grip Pattern with surface details
  • 2 Metal materials with surface and damage/worn details

In order to get the best results you need to go and change the Scale in the UV transformation on each Mask Fill Layer because not every object has the same UV scale.

At the top of the layer stacks you will find some empty Fill Layers with mask, named accordingly, where you can paint unique Alpha details like: Albedo Details; Smudges; Scratches; Hard Edge Damages.

Created in Substance Painter 2020.2.1

For more information and support you can send me an e-mail or join my discord server.


New weapon is coming! AR-15

News / 29 March 2021

Custom AR-15

  • Let the assembly begin :)

PMS aKrapovS4 Sniper Rifle - Up for sale

News / 23 November 2020

PMS aKrapov S4

50%-OFF on all my products!

News / 16 September 2020

Hey everyone,


PMS MAC-10 - Up for sale

News / 20 July 2020


Ver 1.1 - Textures updated

Promesh Studio Discord Channel

News / 07 July 2020

Hi to everyone!

Our Discord Channel is up and running and if you want to join us you can do that here:

What to expect here:

  1. 3D modeling and texturing livestreams - not tutorials, but you can learn a lot, since it's live
  2. Answering questions when is possible
  3. Maybe learning new stuff if you are new to 3D
  4. 3D Models Giveaway
  5. Have fun!

Join us and say hi and let's see what happens, thanks!

PMS M12 Shotgun - Up for sale

News / 30 June 2020